Topheads Eyewear is an all Australian made and owned Eyewear Company from the shores of Sydney’s world famous Bondi Beach.

The business started from a garage in Bondi, where sunnies were made and distributed among mates.

Then came the idea to create a brand that beachgoers could call their own. One that is synonymous with innovation, creativity and beach style - that can fit some bloody good heads.

Topheads seeks out to use contemporary, eco friendly materials (including wood, bamboo, bioplastic & recycled skateboard decks) and incorporates retro designs - to create a unique line of shades.

"Top head" is a phrase commonly used by Sydneysiders as a comradely form of banter.



Topheads Eyewear engraves all its debut range of shades with the abbreviation, Topsys - a nickname given to the founder of Topheads Eyewear. Every product is hand crafted out of bamboo and no single pair of sunglasses is the same.

Topheads sunglasses were pulled from the roots of Sydney. Our sunnies offers a new look and feel, free from standard plastic materials and with an inherent style to rival other purely eco-based brands.

Topheads are all about iconic designs - the Bondi Bamboo is full of simple but sleek shapes that aim to deliver high portability eyewear that's easy to wear on ones' head.

All spectacle glasses and sunglasses have FREE shipping within Australia & New Zealand.