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Sunnies on Sale!

Topheads shades on sale! Grab a pair for you and your loved one today!


Hoppa ~ ON SALE
Product Code: Hoppa
Frame Size: 49-19-140
Slick Mick ~ SOLD OUT
Product Code: Slick Mick
Frame Size: 48-18-145
Product Code: Zak
All new collection made from Cotton based acetate and wooden arms sunglasses. Free Shipping Australia and New Zealand. Bondi Beach sunnies.
Frame Size: 52-21-141
Monty ~ ON SALE
Product Code: Monty
Monty Acetate and Wooden Sunglasses Free Shipping ANZ
Frame Size: 49-21-145
Charney New Acetate and Wood Sunglasses Free Shipping Bondi Bamboo Beach Sunnies
Frame Size: 52-20-140
Swich ~ SOLD OUT
Product Code: Swich
Frame Size: 56-18-145
Bennie ~ ON SALE
Product Code: Bennie
Frame Size: 54-19-145
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